Prizes for teachers who submit their students’ essays!

Many teachers use Ayn Rand’s novels in their classroom and assign our essay contest topics to their students. If you are planning to require your students to enter one of our contests, or if you know that a number of your students will enter one of the contests, we encourage you to collect their essays and send them to us.

As a thank-you from ARI, teachers who submit at least 10 essays will receive prizes. The following will be awarded when you submit at least . . .

10+ Essays:

$10 gift card to Amazon

20+ Essays:

$20 gift card to Amazon

50+ Essays:

$50 gift card to Amazon

100+ Essays:

Either $100 gift card to Amazon, $100 cash prize to the best essay among your students, or $50 gift card to Amazon to you and $50 cash prize to the best essay among your students

 To submit your students’ essays, please:

  • Collect your students’ essays and mail them to us in one package.
  • Each essay MUST include a stapled cover sheet with the following information: student’s name; student’s mailing address; student’s e-mail address; grade level; topic selected (#1, 2 or 3); name and address of your school; your name.
  • Include a separate note in the package with your name, school name, your e-mail address and telephone number.


If you have any comments or questions about the contests or about teaching the novels in your classroom, please write to